It’s a marathon. Seems like the story of my life. Having just returned to Braja Sevaki the first edit of the first half of our Guidelines to Varnarama for a final check, I am in the midst of writing the second half. The first half is about the twenty-one qualities of good devotees; the second half about the qualities and duties of the four varnas and asramas, and—what you all want to know—how to determine one’s own varna and asrama. The book is about 200 pages, and will be translated into Hungarian then printed in Hungarian and English by the end of January. That’s why its a marathon: I have to meet the deadlines for translation and for printing. In the meantime the damodara-lila book is completed, and I will reread and correct it when the varnasrama book is final. Then it will go to Braja Sevaki and down the production line to print, ready sometime next year. If you would like to just a hint of it’s contents, I am reading the draft version every evening and putting recordings on the podcast.

And one more thing: the next lot of original drawings from Nava-vraja-mahima is being posted. So if you had any favourites among them, they are available to purchase. Thank you for supporting the Lal book production team.